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The Renaissance Man is a reality show which follows architectural designer Jimmy D’Allessio as he tackles high-profile projects that require his unique talents. His devotion toward the perfection of his art makes for an awe-inspiring experience. From his brilliant concentration for the minutest details to the tight shift he runs on construction sites, Jimmy knows what he wants and knows how to get the job done without sacrificing his vision. It is this commitment that makes Jimmy the ‘go-to guy’ for opulent clientele looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The Cutting Room is Jimmy’s largest undertaking to date and proving to be the challenge it was expected to be. As with any project Jimmy takes on, he intends to make The Cutting Room a one-of-a-kind experience by creating original works of art. To give an idea of his vision: He is going to carve an enormous bar out of mahogany to resemble a Fender Stratocaster guitar and he will also be constructing a 24-tier Fender Stratocaster guitar chandelier to grace the ceiling of The Cutting Room.

Jimmy’s wide-range of unique artistic talents and explosive personality are what will make The Renaissance Man the next big television show to enter your living room. What separates Jimmy from any other person in his profession is his ability to complete his projects in half the time and still maintain an exceptional quality; however, his extreme work ethic creates a frenetic atmosphere on-site and leads to conflict with employees who fail to meet his expectations. Their failures and his reactions present an endless amount of entertainment that wouldeasily lead someone to say that Jimmy D’Alessio is the Gordon Ramsay of construction.